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Ok, I thought this movie might not exist, but I asked my brother, and its bothering him too. Well, in the movie, I think someone might have a gun pointed at someone else. There is some sort of surrounding force (whether it be animals, demons, a monster, honey bees...) that is outside the room, and its making a noise. The person with the gun is about to kill the person (i think), when he begins to hear this sound. I think at first he made a weird face. He disregarded it and continued his business. When he heard the noise again, he was like "WHAT IS THAT". I think he got up and started throwing chairs around or something. And then some shit went down. I can almost hear it in my head the way he said it. Its a weird question, but I feel like if I can remember this movie, it would be like scratching the hugest itch on my brain. For some reason, I think the person had a russian accent, like the dude from the big lebowski (WE CUT OFF YOU JOHNSON!!!).
asked Jun 27, 2013 in Action-Adventure by anonymous

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