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I think this movie was released in early 1990s... Here's a basic outline of the movie:

1. A woman whose husband is presumed KIA in Korean War hits a man.
2. She takes the man into her care and nurses her back to health.
3. The woman has a male kid and the man becomes a father figure type of person to the kid.
4. The man leaves the family and the kid becomes disheartened.
5. The woman is attending a 4th of July celebrations and her husband shows up at the party in military uniform.
6. Years later the kid - all grown up with a family - comes across the same man near the cemetery and is about to hit him. Gets out of the car and catches up to him. The man has a dog with him and the kid's family play with the dog while he chats with the man. The man says something along the lines to the kid - look around and the kid sees his family playing happily with the dog and this is what the man wanted for the kid to be happy in life...
asked May 26, 2013 in Drama by anonymous

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