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OK, I know this is so dumb but the name of this movie escapes me.  Probably early 80s, had an older guy who liked to watch chickens do it (yeah) and may have been themed around a restaurant plot.  The only part I clearly remember (I was a kid them) was a narrator saying something about "Josephine and her lovers eating a pot of baked beans and how it backfired on them".  Then they are all in a bed and Josephine was moaning things like "oh Chevrolet coupe de ville" and "jacques couteau" in a French accent and Napoleon show up.  The guys hide and then Napoleon comes in and the hiding guys start farting and she blames it on the cat and he says "We havent got a cat" then she says it was her.  Then I think it increased until he passed out, not sure.  Help!  It's been driving me crazy for years~
asked May 14, 2013 in Comedy by anonymous

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