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Tall and exotic, Delores Reed played a dominant, superior, alien woman in the aweful cult classic invasion of the Star Creatures.   She also had roles in movies "Hit and Run" and "party girl".   She was also a frequent model in various men's magazines.   Reed also dated various Hollywood men (Hugh OBrien).  She sort of just disappeared.  Some sites suggest she died in Las Vegas in the sixties.  Any Hollywood experts know what became of Delores Reed
asked Jun 27, 2017 in Science Fiction by Threesails (30 points)

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This is another very tough question.  I looked and looked.  It seems like many websites share the same information about her.  She was either born in New York or Detroit.  The only sites that say she died claim she died in Las Vegas in the late 60s.   She was a model and actress.  Perhaps "Delores Reed" was only a stage name.   

...shes in Law Vegas when she died.  Maybe a show girl at that point?
This almost seems like a question for someone into geniology or research.
answered Aug 3, 2017 by Pickles (60 points)