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"Catalina Caper" was the movie that ended the beach movie genre.  It was once featured on mystery Science theater 3000. While a truly horrible movie Little Richard makes a guest appearance singing "Scuba Party".   Whether intentional or not it's unclear, but a pretty go-go dancer in purple tights upstages Little Richard with her outlandishly fun dancing.  (Check it out online. It's kinda funny). Her role in not credited in the movie.  She looks familiar.  Who is she?
asked Jun 20, 2017 in Mystery by Three

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I love the "purple tights dancer"! I don't know the answer but she is referenced in chatter about the movie online when it was on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  A company named "Adrian Teen Models" provided many of the extras in this movie.  One such model was a very young Cheryl Tiegs.  The "purple tights" model seen is funny.  I can't find any answer.  ...This may be a job for some "real" Movie researcher / expert.
answered Aug 3, 2017 by Pickles