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This  movie ,TRUE life story/played by Jessica Lang .Believe it or not, the parents put their normal bright little girl in an insane asylum, it seemed she was three or four yr.'s of age and she was left there  till her parents came and got her in old age .In the movie , it showed Jessica Lang standing in her mothers kitchen telling her almost elderly mother she was not going to hold it against them for what they had done to her. She also realized why they did it , because the bib not want a child to take care of ,and why they had her released into their custody, to take car of them now that they were facing old age. She said she would .This  for prime time movie was around 1973 to 1976 . The acting was suburb and pulled at your heart strings .
asked Oct 20, 2015 in Drama by anonymous

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She played Frances but that a 1982 movie. Tue story thou and she ends up in an asylum.
answered Nov 3, 2015 by yeti (300 points)