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It's about a war. On the previe I saw that A guy has a wife and a little daughter.
They are on top of a roof, and the people are shooting at them, Helicopters etc.
He told his wife that in order to survive they have to jump from roof to roof.
His wife does not want to because she is scared to death. I believe he told her that, they have no other choice but to jump. His wife jumps and than, the most shocking part thhat caught my attention is that he threw his daughter over the roof on the air towards the roof they have to jump to and her mother so scared opens her arms to catch her, the preview was finished when the little girl was just about to lend in her mom's arms.

I want to watch that movie but I forgot its tittle. Can someone help me?
asked Aug 3, 2015 in Action-Adventure by anonymous

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