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The movie starts with her teaching a literature class.
She is not in love with this man, but they somehow decide to get married, they sleep in the same room, but have two seperate beds and she likes to hide food in her drawers (candy mostly). At the end she figures out that a marrige without sex and passion is not the right thing for her anyway, moves out, loses weight.
And if i remember correcly he comes at the end and tells her, that he did fall in love with her.
I know its not a lot of information, but that's all i can remember from the movie, i  watched it a long time ago and i would like to watch it again, but can't remember the title or the actress... I think its from the 80's
Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about?
Oh, the male professor is very handsome and has affairs with his students
asked Jun 27, 2015 in Classics by anonymous

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