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Hi. I have a question about the name of a TV-movie from the mid-1970's about a delinquent male high school football star that has a scene in it in which a nerdy, but cute female high school tutor gets so sexually memorized by his looks that she forgets all about tutoring him and instead drops all of her books all over the floor and starts making out with him (kissing) right there at the table in either the library or study hall in school!

This leads to him flunking all of his tests and getting kicked out of high school. Clean scene. Both are fully clothed. Both were adults playing high school students. Movie I believe ran originally on ABC. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the movie or any of the actors or actresses in it. I do remember the girl in the scene was a zit faced actress with long blonde hair probably in her late teens, early twenties at the time that had bit parts in other series at the time playing nerdy type roles. This was actually a drama about a high school kid gone bad. Any help would be appreciated.
asked May 15, 2015 in Drama by anonymous

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